The Soul of Success (Chopra/Williamson Event)

Since spirit is the domain of awareness which is infinite it is not subject to compromise or recession.

The economic recession offers us a unique opportunity to understand the difference between money and wealth. Money is a symbol that expresses how we value ourselves and others and also represents society’s values at a particular time and place in history. Wealth on the other hand is a state of consciousness that represents generosity of spirit that translates into material abundance.


In this course, Deepak Chopra & Marianne Williamson will take you through an in-depth understanding of consciousness as a field of infinite possibilities, infinite creativity, infinite energy & infinite abundance.

Using a combination of techniques involving silent brain storming, mind – mapping and finding creative opportunities in perceived problems, Deepak will take you through an updated experience of the spiritual laws that create success in all its forms – material abundance, the progressive realization of worthy goals, the ability to have love and compassion, the ability to harness the infinite organizing power of intention, and the ability to always be connected to the source of all creation.

Marianne will guide you in the realization of your career as a spiritual journey, viewing your path to success as an initiation into your higher Self. She will teach you how to tap into the law of “divine compensation” — the power of love to compensate for any limitations in the material world. Through devotion, prayer, forgiveness and compassion for self and others, we will activate our miraculous power to turn limited probabilities into unlimited possibilities.

The workshop will be intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting, grounded in both meta-physics and science, and will teach participants to reinvent themselves and their businesses and reactivate the spirit of success.

This event has come and gone.



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