Taking Action for Abundance (Guest Post by Kelli Dudley)

I’m thrilled to be learning and working with Kelli Dudley, who shares a second phenomenal reflection on financial health below. Together, we’re leading a seminar called “Financial Wellness: Tips for Abundance Actions” on May 9 from 9am-1:30pm. Click here for event information.

— Jacki

Taking Action for Abundance by Kelli Dudley

In my last post, I mentioned that debt may not be all bad. If you have debt, you incurred it buying something you needed at the time. The debt enabled you to reflect some god-quality you were seeking at that time—maybe a good meal, maybe a place to live.

Even if the choice you made at that time is not how you would choose now, you were nurtured by the meal you chose or kept warm in your home. You made the best choice you could at the time, even if you were mistaken, and your ability to obtain credit helped you get what you needed at the time. Your debts represent something you received in the past, and you do not have to live in regret thinking about debt. Instead, think about how to move forward knowing better, knowing you can receive without saying, “Charge it.”

We know god (or spirit or universe) is good all the time. God’s love is not waiting for you to make perfect financial choices. God was with you at the time of your mistaken choice and is waiting to help you make better choices. The knowledge of perfect choices to ensure your financial health is within you: the force within you knows everything that needs to be known, everything that has been known, and everything you need to know. This wisdom is instantly accessible to you. It is sometimes expressed by New Thought folk as the ability to “download” wisdom. It could also be expressed as god giving you what you need, an answered prayer.

Therefore, the first action I am going to recommend for you to grow toward financial health is non-action.

The next time you “need” an item, ask yourself: “What do I want?” Keep repeating the question until you come to a god quality, something that is not limited by the material item in your mind.


* I need a large SUV; it will cost about $40,000.00.

What do I need?
* I need safety, I need to be able to haul kids/equipment/dogs.

What do I need?
* I need to feel confident and competent.

Your desire for confidence and competence is being expressed as a longing for a SUV.
Will the SUV accomplish this goal?

SUVs are not safer than other vehicles; in fact, they encourage aggressive driving, engender a false sense of confidence (four-wheel drive helps power through snow; it does not help navigate ice), and create greater havoc when involved in an accident than do smaller cars.

Therefore, the SUV cannot give you safety. Safety is within you, a gift of your source, your god, the divine dwelling within you.

You do not need an SUV to be competent. Dogs, equipment, and kids can be successfully hauled in hatchbacks that appear to be tiny, in station wagons, or in old, used vans that sell used for under $3,000.00. At least two of these (dogs and kids) require love far more than they require a fancy vehicle. Fortunately, you can give love regardless of your credit score.

Try the above exercise for some item you want right now. Identify the god quality you seek, and challenge yourself to think of at least one other way you can experience that god quality in your life.


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