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A Prayer for Election Day 2012

Oh, Creating One!

You reside within and among us all.

You reveal all Light, and revel in all Love.

You beckon us beyond Ego’s fear and violence.

You call us to our true home, where earth-loving citizens live from Heaven’s embrace.

Deliver us from pride and despair,

from tribalism and lofty rhetoric,

from anger and apathy.

May we be unrelenting in our work for true peace and true prosperity for all.

May we be bold in speaking truth about the barriers to these, wherever they are found.

May today’s results reveal our best selves, and illumine with clarity the spiritual and civic growth that is yet ours to do.

May we see in one another’s eyes the longings and hopes, the vulnerabilities and frailties that are our own.

May such knowing animate a New Creation wherever we live and serve.
For the Sake of Good News, I pray.

With vision of these already answered, I pray. 

In union with the Living Christ, I pray.

With the deeds of my life, I pray.

Blessed Be.



— Rev. Jacki Belile, CEC is an American Baptist minister and spiritual life coach at Living Well Ministries in Chicago.  She serves people of all religious backgrounds who desire to live from their best spirit (energy).   Her  special passion is building bridges of compassion and respect, which manifests in her forgiveness, self-care and LGBT-affirming programs.  She wrote this prayer in stages on November 6, 2012.



God Comes To Us Disguised As Our Life

 Richard Rohr, an incredible spiritual leader for today’s seekers, has said “God comes to us disguised as our life.”

I am mindful that the Christian season of Advent is filled with rich reminders of this sort of expectancy.

Perhaps you’ll hear in it these echoes ancient and new…

 A context of occupation and tension and lives claimed by the Empire’s false peace.

A world of encounter amid diversity and transformation amid conflict.

A community of communities wrestling for blessing and name.

A people — some in despair, some with resilience, and a few with star-fixed hope.

A temptation toward triumphalism, and a truth born in a manger.

Then and now, God comes to us disguised as our life.  Ever at work in all of Life, and always greater than all our designs,  Emmanuel is announced again at Advent.  And when the Divine in our life  is looked upon with welcome and praise, we give birth again to redemption and hope. 

Wherever you walk, however you name yourself, I pray that Jesus’ birth brings good news this year.  That his church brings blessing, not burden, to you.  That a New Year awaits you with the graces needed to discover this:

God comes to you disguised as your life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!