Rev. Jacki Belile, CPC



Jacki supports people who seek to recognize a threshold, transition or commitment with a public ritual. Some examples of available ceremonies include:

With respect and appreciation, I serve people of all gender identities, sexual orientations and family styles in making such public commitments. Together, we will craft a ceremony of intention unique to your situation and expressed values. “Public” means a gathering of your loved ones, however large or small.

My faith convictions and ordination vows combine in a radically inclusive commitment to support lives of faith, intention and service. In creating a ceremony with you, I represent the One who has called us all into abundant life, the fruits of the Spirit, and life-giving community. If you seek a minister who will support you in expressing not only your love, but your values, your reliance on community and your desire to bless this world through your shared lives, then we may be a good match.

And about your spirituality… as a Baptist minister committed to interreligious respect, I find much joy in the creative partnership that emerges when diversity calls!

Do you want to honor love’s union? A home? The life of one departed? The end of a relationship? Contact Jacki at