Retreat Leadership – My Past Experience

I hope this will give you a sense of the ways spiritual retreats have shaped me over the past 20 years.

TOPICAL RETREATS (2000-present)
Gatherings as individuals — either unaffiliated or from one or more church — to explore a common theme

A Few Examples of Topics I’ve Led (vs. attended) for eleven faith communities since 2000:

  • A Flourishing Life: Living the Serenity Prayer
  • Finding Our Wisdom: A Retreat for Older Adults
  • Savoring Spring: A Church Visioning Retreat
  • Befriending the Bible: A Retreat for LGBT Christians Seeking Peace w/ God
  • Forgiveness: Freedom for a Flourishing Life
  • Prayerful Living: Beyond Stress Management
  • The Spiritual Power of Simplicity
  • Prayerful Living: The Freedom in Spiritual Disciplines
  • God’s Dream: Cultivating Christian Community
  • A New Way for a New Day: Excellence vs. Perfectionism
  • Our Story Too: LGBT Christians Reclaim the Bible
  • The Gift of YOU: A New Approach to Spiritual Gifts
  • Faith Beyond Resentment (worship leadership @ retreat based on this book)

Regular unstructured, individual retreat time (beginning in my first pastorate, where I retreated 3-4 times/year for approximately a week)

A tradition of annual Grace Baptist Church retreats, attended as an active lay member and then pastor

Sacred time set aside to rest, play and study with fellow seminarians, fellow ministers, parish nurse colleagues, and interfaith dialogue advocates

Sacred time set aside to get students off to an intentional and well-supported start to their new lives

Refreshing time away from college classes for intense Bible study and training as a Discipleship Coordinators (a network of small groups for prayer, fellowship and Bible study at Taylor University)

The habit of retreat-taking is central to my Christian life. They renew, restore and reorient me for the sake of Gospel (repentance for the sake of abundant life).

I’d be honored to serve you on your own journey of Living Well in an upcoming retreat experience, whether it is inspired by the above topics or something else you imagine. Contact me at 773.655.4357 or send me an email for more info on my previous experience. Watch for more information about LWM’s upcoming retreat schedule, including one-day Bible Study retreats.


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