My Heart for Individuals and Churches Living Well

To:  American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago
Date: February 6, 2008

(partially reproduced in ewind newsletter)

Rev. Jacki Belile has started Living Well Ministries (LWM), a new parachurch ministry “supporting lives of faith, intention and service.”

LWM will offer retreats, seminars, weekly classes, 1-1 spiritual coaching and consulting. Jacki describes LWM’s focus in this way: “I am called to steward recurring related questions and themes related to living well. My heart goes out especially to those inside and outside of our churches who don’t they feel they can authentically explore issues of faith identity, spiritual practice, balanced living, and sustainable activism.” I also care deeply about our churches facing discouragement and obstacles to growth in the face of false notions of vitality.”

Broadly outlined, LWM’s offerings for individuals and congregations will fall into these categories:

a) Spirituality and Health
b) Befriending the Bible/Tradition
c) Living Well for Justice

“My prayer is that LWM will provide discipleship support for individuals and congregations,” says Jacki. “An independent ministry at this time, I seek grounding for LWM in the many communities that nourish wisdom, creativity and justice.” Current affiliations include:

The Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists
The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America
The Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches
The Center for Progressive Christianity
The Network of Spiritual Progressives.

In addition to events at its West Rogers Park location, LWM will co-sponsor related events with partners in the surrounding area. Jacki will continue her ecumenical work as guest leader for churches’ retreats, adult education, pulpit supply and organizational discernment.

For more information about events or consulting opportunities, contact Jacki at:

Living Well Ministries
6554 N. Rockwell Street
Chicago, IL 60645


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