Love from the Center of Who You Are!

What an awesome invitation! 

And… a journey for us all. 

What does it mean to you to Love?

To love from “The Center”?

I am blessed to journey with an amazing group of clients and students who are committed to “living well”. 

We are all working out what it means to live out this invitation from Paul in Romans 12:9a (The Message).  Some are working on forgiveness. Some on excellent leadership in conflictual times.  Some on self-care.  Some on coming out about their sexuality or families. Some on new vocational paths. Some on shifting organizational priorities.

Together, we are discovering that to “live well” means to live and love from the Center.  These are some of the things that matter to this journey:

Honesty about this season

Recognition of change

Grieving and releasing pain

Naming deep values

Choosing without fear

Facing our fears

Spending time in silence

Traveling in good company

 I invite you to open up to and to trust the abundant life which can be today’s Gift. It would be an honor to walk with you on this sacred journey!



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