It Matters How You Think about Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not about a head trip, or just THINKING(forcing) our way to resolution.

HOWEVER, I do find that it matters very, very much how we define it, map it, open to it, and measure our progress. This kind of thinking helps us on our way to empowerment as we set intentions for progress. Far from merely intellectualizing the process, it instead enables us accept our agency and power in the choices we make. Oh, how the soul longs for this!

As a forgiveness coach, I have the privilege of supporting a wide variety of people in their transformation of the painful attachments to which they’ve long clung.  How we define forgiveness, its nature and purpose makes all the difference on the journey.  Are you using the best compass for the journey —  the soul’s longing to express present healing — or are you using a navigation tool which keeps you imprisoned in the past?  No matter where you were yesterday, you can begin shifts TODAY which will free you to forgive for LIFE.

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