Invoking Imago Dei

Enjoy with me this beautiful poem from the newsletter of Benetvision.

Imago Dei

Come, oh come,
but not this time as a babe
raised up in the image of a man.

Come in beautiful strength,
in loving connection.
Come upon the world flourishing in boldness,
bearing branches in full flower.

Come, oh come
not bending to obedience
or sacrificing for our guilt.

Come weaving every color,
singing every tongue,
nourishing us,
dancing usinto a world of peace.

Come, oh come
flashing brilliance
courage never waning,
compassion, companion.
Redeem your long forgotten self,
your ancient image.
Come, WOMANSPIRITwholly one,
Come, oh come.

Sr. Ellen Porter, OSB From her poem, “Some Small Flower of Honesty


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