Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists
Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America
The Center for Faith and Community Health Transfromation
Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches
Center for Progressive Christianity
International Coach Federation
Network of Spiritual Progressives

Pending Affiliations:
Health Ministries Association

Other Relationships *
American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago
American Baptist Churches – USA
Ministers Council, ABC-USA
Lake Street Church of Evanston
Edgewater Community Religious Association

* These represent significant personal and/or professional relationships; programs of LWM are not affiliated with these organizations. Through my membership in the regional and national Ministers Council of the American Baptist Churches -USA, I remain actively connected and committed to the collective mission of my denominational family. I am a member of Lake Street Church in Evanston, an American Baptist congregation which is a “progressive community in the Protestant tradition.” I have great respect for my neighborhood ministerial association (ECRA) and appreciate the fellowship and shared mission of this vibrant interreligious community of colleagues. I am especially appreciative of St. James Presbyterian Church in West Rogers Park, where LWM makes its home.