Hindu Prayer Speaks My Heart This Lent

A Prayer from the Rig Veda

God makes the rivers to flow.

They tire not, nor do they cease from flowing.

May the river of my life flow into the sea of love that is the Lord.
May I overcome all the impediments in my course.

May the thread of my song be not cut

before my life merges in the sea of love.

Guard me against all danger, O Lord.

Accept me graciously, O King of kings.
Release me from my sorrows,

which hold me as ropes hold a calf.

I cannot even open my eyes without the power of your love.


Guard us against the grief that haunts the life of the selfish.

Lead us from darkness into light.

We will sing of your love as it was sung of old.

Your laws change not, but stand like the mountains.


Forgive me all the mistakes I have committed.

Many mornings will dawn upon us again.

Guide us through them all, O Lord of Love.


Jacki’s Reflection for Today…

I’m a life coach, a Baptist minister, a lesbian, a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ.  I give thanks for the wisdom, skill and poetry found in all world religions, and for the ways that learning from them helps to nourish my own faith and choices so much.  This happens when I deeply connect with something (as above), as well as those times when a different belief or form or practice is that which I clearly do not want for my life or would agree with as a wider social norm.

This prayer has long touched me, as well as my spiritual coaching clients and students.  During this year’s Lent I am especially keenly aware of the “impediments to my course” (of growth).  A renewed child-like trust in the Lord of Love, who I know as Jesus Christ, is being cultivated in me.  I have been readied for and chosen to receive anew that powerful love of His made so plain in his life.  That Love makes any sacrifice — when Divinely guided — worthy to make.  That Love makes a way of safe passage into the sea of plenty.  That Love cuts the cords that bind us in Ego’s condemnation (our own or others’) so that we may know true repentance and true wisdom.   That Love not only offers me forgiveness, but teaches me through the wildernesses of this life how to draw everlasting life from a Living Well (not solely for myself, but so that I might  know the bliss and freedom of serving others).

This is how I experience walking with Jesus… worthy sacrifice, safe passage, liberation from Worldly sorrows, and the Good News of repentance.


The Rig Veda contains the most ancient portions of the Hindu scriptures. Hymns, from which this selection has been chosen, make up the first part of each Veda; in the latter parts are found the Upanishads.  Read more about Passage Meditation



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