Gardening for Life

Life is always a good teacher, says Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron.  I am learning that success (fulfilled expectations) and failure (unfulfilled expectations) always ALWAYS have much to teach us about Life.

I’m SO excited about the biodynamic gardening workshop @ Angelic Organics farm in Caledonia, IL this weekend.  I am an amateur (despite growing up in ND) re-learning things I used to know. And learning things I never heard of before.  And, succeeding and failing. In gardening and in life.

Planting, working, hoping and accepting outcomes.  Learning new skills is surely important.  It matters.  Yet, it doesn’t guarantee outcomes.  I am one variable, and  taking responsibility as a planter and tender is pretty important.  And yet I am – we all are — always a part of the ecosystem in which we live and work and hope and harvest.   And part of the weather system too.

Perhaps the most enduring and vital lesson for the gardener is to not forget these truths.  And to hold them with humility.  Which comes from “humus.”  Which means earth.

No matter how well I work, there is always more to knowledge and skill to gain.  No matter how much I can account for mySelf, there is always truth deeper than my current grasp on my motivations.  And we are all always embedded in a garden where others’ nutrient needs, growth cycles and weather patterns create – along with ours – the vital Life force of our experience. 

What are you learning in the Garden of your Life?



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