Forgiveness Changes Reality

“As I strove to forgive everyone involved, I could see the evidence of the injury receding.” –Sarah G. Hyatt in “The Science of Seeing the Real You” (Christian Science Sentinel, May 5, 2008)

What could this possibly mean?

It reminds me of the teachings in The Course in Miracles about forgiveness REALLY and ACTUALLY reversing the cause and effect scripts in our mind.

What could this possibly mean?

Sensitive stuff, and I don’t want to overstate it. If it’s a new concept to you, I really want to share the GIFT in the insight.  So if it’s challenging language, let’s take it slowly.

Basically, in my very very ACIM layperson’s terms:

Forgiveness is what enables us to live in the PRESENT.  As we proceed on the forgiving spiritual path, we grow in our ability to resist attributing our present well-being chiefly to the PAST choices we’ve made or others have made (a decade or a minute ago).

It’s in this way, that we mean that evidence of injury can recede.  I do NOT mean that we are not changed and shaped by the nexus of choices and experiences that we and others make.  Like Jacob limping away from a Divine battle or Jesus, after the resurrection, showing his scars… we may be very aware of the ways today that our thoughts and  habits reflect past experiences.  Indeed, we are embedded and interconnected with one another.  That’s the beauty of being this amazing complex and wabi sabi world of which we are a part.  Our unique present constitution is what helps us have experiences of being distinct and in process!

So, it’s not that we are not influenced but it IS about experiencing healing —  a sense of release of the ego’s lies about cause and effect.  “The evidence of injury that recedes” is simply that script about being the injured one, the victim, if that script clings mercilessly to blame and judgement about the causes and causers.  It is not the scars that go away, but our fixation on them.

Attendees of the upcoming Forgive for Life Institute (Winter 2013) will go more deeply into the Course’s teachings about forgiveness.  My current clients and students are developing more and more life-giving Energy Leadership skills.  We uncover new joys every day as we work with each other on discovering true healing and true power.  And, we are changing the “realities” of selfish scarcity, excuses, blame, and deferment which keep so many of us from our passion and our present.

Interested in more for your life?  Check out upcoming events or coaching at Living Well Ministries.  I serve people around the country who are ready to leave behind the beliefs and habits which keep them from living well in the present.  Together, we discover the Living Well that nourishes us as we “love from the Center of who we are” (Romans 12:9a).



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