Forgive for Life… Allow Now’s Knowing

for Future’s Sake!

“I have learned to understand regrets as invitations, as messengers.  Rather than being thugs from the past, come to beat me up for decisions I cannot possibly retrieve, they come instead with a word to offer.  The word often speaks of something missing in my life, some connection I need to make. With time and with giving attention to the regrets, they have become not so much about loss as about what is yet possible.  What path can I still make from the choices gone before?

Jan Richardson, In the Sanctuary of Women: A Companion for Reflection and Prayer.

Forgive for Life…

What does that mean?

Holding Truth(of pain) and Love (connection) together.

Drawing boundaries, increasingly enabled to do so with ease and without anger.

Nurturing a living well of grace in my life… a Holy witness to Divine inheritance.

(This may be a poem)

a well whose streams empower 

       cleansing out

      standing up

      moving on.  

 a well whose streams ennoble

       a child, growing

       a human, trying

      a story, living.

a well, a living well.

For Giving Life.


I walk in good company of those who want to Forgive for Life.  It would be my honor to support you on this sacred journey of living well.


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