Rev. Jacki Belile, CPC


Clear Center Organizations!

Energy Leadership Index: Master Practitioner

Churches, organizations and committees also have a spiritual or “energy” life! I can help you find and LIVE from your Clear Center.

How do the principles of Energy Leadership apply to your organization?

Even the most inspired, noble efforts get bogged down in catabolic energy — a tired, blaming and potentially self-destructive energy. Do any of these sound familiar?

This may seem normal, but it’s not necessary! What would it look like to feel…

As your Energy Leadership coach, I will meet you just where you are.
We’ll use these tools:

We will set the foundation for charting a new, exciting and attainable course. Freed from unnecessary discouragement and judgment, you will unleash the creativity and trust needed to really renew and live out your mission in this time and place. Together, we’ll set new standards for accountability that help, not hinder, people’s sustainable contributions. Depending on your circumstances, some combination of coaching and consulting may be helpful.

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