Living Well Ministries has been shaped by the intersecting visions of two movements:


The Welcoming and Affirming Churches Movement —
Initiatives advancing the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people in church and society, thus exploring the intersections of sexuality and spirituality for ALL people.

The Faith and Health Movement —
Initiatives connecting today’s faith communities with their role in nurturing the whole-person health of members and wider society.

Living well requires lifestyle choices for whole person health. Living well with God, self and others requires understanding, self-examination, transformation and ongoing support. To live well, we need to cultivate disciplines of individual responsibility and authentic connections in caring community.

I acknowledge here the work of organizations which have shaped and blessed my life, including my visions for the model and activities of Living Well Ministries.

Grace Baptist Church: A welcoming church, Grace taught me about restoring people to their greatest potential through genuine belonging in a healing community.

The Leaven Center: A retreat center, Leaven taught me about sustaining long-distance spiritual community.  Its closure in 2012 teaches me that ripples of transformation go out infinitely beyond the world’s  finite forms.

Common Ground Center: An adult education center, Common Ground taught me about the role that affordable, ongoing education (outside of a church) can play in individuals’ spiritual quests.

Lay Academies, United Church of Christ (nationwide): An intensive lay leader training, this program inspires me to form educational offerings that bridge church and ivory tower.

Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching (iPEC): A life-changing coaching training program, iPEC continues to shape my passion and capacity for living well. With Energy Leadership™ tools, I support people who seek to live well… to “live from the inside out.”