Rev. Jacki Belile, CPC


Jacki's Testimonials

Gratitude for The Rev. Jacki Belile:

"Jacki has an incredible gift of facilitation - hearing others, helping group members to hear each other, asking insightful questions, and moving the work forward with utmost respect for relationships…"


"Jacki is an affirming and insightful coach. With gentleness and love, she asked me the hard questions that challenged me to a deeper understanding of my relationship with Christ and the Church…"


"Jacki has a great way of holding space for me so I can be with myself."


"I have been attending retreats for decades. Pastor Jacki is truly one of the most inspirational, loving retreat directors I've ever had."


"Jacki motivates her groups to participate at their upmost. She inspired me to look deeper into my spiritual self. For this I shall be forever grateful."


"Whenever I think of Jacki Belile I think about her wonderful ability to facilitate. She has the gift of being able to capture the essence of a thought, connect it to another thought and move the group forward."


"Jacki has a rare and highly intuitive sense of the sacred present in every part of a person's journey. She was an anchor during a stormy part of my personal life. She also helped me step up my professional life to the next level, including earning a major promotion at work. With her wise spiritual guidance, I have developed into the servant leader I believe God has called me to be."


"Our relationship was clouded by three decades of accumulated anxieties, short cuts, lazy habits, and small miscommunications. Jacki helped us uncover new ways of moving it all aside so the original treasure could shine through again, doing so with grace, dignity, and humor. She has an uncanny ability to suggest insightful vocabulary that paves new avenues for flourishing."

~B and C