Jesus and Living Well

I believe that Jesus lived well on this earth,
and that He lives today so that we might live well…

Christ’s life — then and now — calls us to intention,
discernment and generous, sacrificial love…

Following Christ calls me to a radically open life.
As Christ’s disciple, I follow the Way of Truth and Life
that embraces the dignity and potential of all people…

Christ’s disciples carry the mandate
to be agents of reconciliation in the world,
and are enabled to transform personal sin and
social suffering with radical grace and forgiveness…

All beliefs influence our feelings and our actions,
and the range of choices we feel we have in this life.
Beliefs that foster shame, judgment, limitation, victimhood
and conflict literally block our life energy, our spirit.
Jesus announced that there need not be such condemnation,
and that repentance is Good News.

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